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Mental Toughness Inc. is often approached as an expert to comment on the mental toughness and psychological aspect of sport and performance. Our athletes are often in the news as well, and at times they give us a shout out. Below are links to our most recent media coverage and article collaborations.

“Psych Out the Stigma”

video_screenWhat an honour it was to be part of history, at the beginning of a movement aimed at abolishing the stigma of mental illness in sport. One week ago Monday, over 30 former Canadian athletes, parents and mental health advocates rallied at Cherry Beach in Toronto to talk about how to raise awareness and ‘psych out READ MORE

“What You Need to Do Outside of the Gym to See Faster Results” by Active Times

things“The biggest thing anyone can do outside of the gym to see faster results is to train their willpower,” said Kara Zakrzewski, a mental toughness and performance coach and CEO of Mental Toughness Inc. “This willpower will support them to both make it back to the gym at their next occasion and will also prevent them from reaching for that treat as a reward. READ MORE

“How to Train Yourself Mentally for Your Next Race” by Kelly O’Mara

How to trainWhile runners typically train their bodies, they often don’t train their minds as thoroughly. Sometimes it’s because they simply don’t know how or have a misunderstanding about what mental training consists of. But, that leaves them open to all kinds of problems when the going gets tough. “Often it’s not the physical that actually holds them back,” says Kara Zakrzewski, a former elite beach volleyball player and founder of Mental Toughness Inc. >> READ MORE

“Mind Over Matter: Get Your Head In The MTB Game” by Beth Puliti

Mountain biking is full of physical challenges. But it doesn’t take long to figure out that it also requires a good bit of mental toughness too. This is especially true after a long winter. caught up with Kara Zakrzewski, CEO and Chief Mental Toughness Coach at Mental Toughness Inc. – An Olympic-level Mental Toughness Coaching and Training Organization, to talk about spring setbacks, effective ways to get back in the game, and the importance of easing into a fitness routine. >> READ MORE

“Snowboarder Maddie Radvanyi grabs silver at Canada Games” by Willy Palov

Maddie Herald TimesNova Scotia’s snowboarders nearly helped the province triple its medal count at the Canada Winter Games in Prince George, B.C., on Tuesday. Twenty-year-old Maddie Radvanyi captured a silver in the female parallel giant slalom and Marc Chasse of Fall River narrowly missed bronze in the male event. Nova Scotia started the day with just one bronze. “It feels amazing,” Radvanyi said. “This is a dream come true. I’ve worked really hard for this and I’ve dreamed about this day for a long time. “I talked a lot with my sports psychologist about it and did a lot of visualization. >> READ MORE

“The Mental Edge” (pg. 32-33) by Edward Bailey

mental-edgeThe Humber Hawks now have Kara Zakrzewski, a former Canadian world tour/pro beach volleyball player, who has completed her masters in sport psychology, to give their women’s volleyball team the edge that will bring them to the next level. Zakrzewski says that this type of mental training is what the top athletes are doing to set themselves apart.  “What I see is that this is really the next wave of development in sport,” she says. >>  READ MORE

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