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Mental toughness for companies and business teams

80 Percent of Success is Psychological. 20 Percent is Skill

You’ve got financial targets to hit by the end of the quarter. And your team is not engaged. You want everyone to be as focused as the leadership team. But they’re not. You sit with the management team to discuss solutions to improve morale and raise employee engagement.

You’re considering:

  • A  team building, morale boosting workshop
  • A core values communications campaign
  • Firing low performing staff and hiring new talent

But the reality is, these are band-aid fixes that offer mixed results and rarely are they lasting solutions.

The No. 1 cause of low performance in an employee is frustration in areas they feel helpless to change. It might be a result of one of these issues or a combination of:

  • Relationships with coworkers
  • Market conditions
  • Office environment
  • Corporate culture
  • Product offerings
  • Relationships with managers
  • Mismatched role

Here’s the commonality…when an employee encounters a barrier they feel powerless to overcome, they either:

  1. Rebel against it
  2. Put up with it
  3. Avoid it

This leads to resentment and a diminishing drive to perform.

What’s missing is: Mindset and high-level communication tools. These two components restore the control to the employee and gives them a pathway to succeed regardless of the challenge.

That’s what mental toughness training provides.

What is Mental Toughness training?

The term “mental toughness” is commonly used by sport psychologists to describe: “a developed psychological edge that helps athletes deal with the demands, pressures and distractions of their sport”. 

When an athlete encounters a fear or habitual pattern of behavior that gets in the way of them performing at their peak potential, mental toughness training is what allows them to override their reactive inclinations, remain focused, calm and  in-control at all times.

It’s the same in the context of business. Mental toughness training provides corporate leaders and their teams with access to on-demand problem solving skills. This allows them to quickly overcome situational and interpersonal barriers in the workplace so they can work with command, commitment, ease, and efficiency to achieve common goals.

How is Mental Toughness training delivered?
Mental Toughness Inc. provides:
  • Online Mental Toughness training programs
  • Live and interactive Mental Toughness training workshops
  • Elite mental toughness training, certification and support for internal team members so tools are implemented, used and results are long lasting.

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One of our past corporate clients, IT Consultant Marie Fischer, took on summiting Mount Kilimanjaro after attending one of our workshops hosted by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC). As Marie shared after the workshop:


Marie Fischer“I whole-heartedly recommend these workshops to anyone striving to improve their work-life balance. The workshop provided me with wellness advice that was both practical and easy to incorporate into my hectic daily schedule. It also motivated me to follow my dream of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Thank you MTI!”
–Marie Fischer

But don’t just take our word for it, check out what our clients are saying:


purdue-square“Thank you for coming in and talking with the sales group last week. Everyone, especially the team lead, was very pleased and impressed. Me too! I hope we can do this again next year.”

– Richard Garneau, Health Solutions Manager at Purdue Pharma, organized Performance and Mental Toughness Workshop for his sales team

Evette“I am the biggest supporter of Kara’s Performance and Wellness Seminars. Not only are they educational and applicable, but her personal journey towards the 2012 Olympics also inspired me to go after my dreams. Kara taught me how to take control of health by implementing her nutrition guidelines and by empowering me to make physical fitness part of my life.”
– Evette Wade, IT Professional, Attended CIBC Performance and Wellness Seminar

How Mentally Tough Are You?

Our mental toughness test measures your toughnessness and gives you actionable steps to increase focus and reaction time, and give you the best mindset to succeed.

Test Your Toughness