Who is Mental Toughness Inc.? | Mental Toughness Inc.

Who is Mental Toughness Inc.?

Mental Toughness Inc. provides cutting-edge emotional intelligence training for individuals and teams, designed to heighten strategic thinking and communication skills and expand performance in all areas.

Our team of elite trainers provides online and live training sessions, as well as, one-to-one coaching for corporate leaders and teams, athletes, performers and those in high-stress professions.

The training we provides equips you with the tools you need to stay in control of your emotions so you can achieve intended outcomes and consistently perform at your highest potential.

We have served all levels from Olympic and elite athletes to entrepreneurs and high -performing corporate managers and executives and performing artists.

Why Mental Toughness Inc?

Our training bridges performance science theory with practical reality. The training we provide is based on principles in neuroscience and human psychology.  Our programs were developed by a team of cognitive experts, Olympic level coaches, sports psychologists and elite business mindset coaches.


  • Gain the confidence to win and learn tools to be confident on-demand even when the pressure is at its peak
  • Perform with intention and firm resolve consistently
  • Tap into the zone, even when things aren’t going your way
  • Take more risks to earn mega-big payoffs
  • Dropkick your fears, so you can finally realize your goals
  • Bounce back quickly from setbacks
  • Perform on Purpose™ when and where you want to

How does Mental Toughness Training work?

Mental Toughness Inc’s  training programs trains you to overcome negatives thoughts and emotions by teaching your how to realign and recontextualize thoughts into empowering motivators.

It also offers exercises to reduce fear and anxiety, eliminate mental distractions and perform with purpose regardless of the competitive environment.

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It is a 3-level course that is designed to be done weekly using audio training modules and easy to do exercises that will get you real and tangible results in your sport.

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Discover how Mental Toughness Inc's coaching, workshops, and training programs can ace your performance through our ACE Training Process.
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Between your coach, your individualized training plan, and the app, you are given the necessary tools and feedback to overcome challenges and train your brain patterns for success.
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With repetition, new habit brain pathways are formed that help you knockout the negative self-talk that’s crippling your confidence, develop strong leadership skills, and elevate your performance in any situation.
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How Mentally Tough Are You?

Our mental toughness test measures your toughnessness and gives you actionable steps to increase focus and reaction time, and give you the best mindset to succeed.

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