Something to think about…

“When weeds come up in your garden, it does no good to say, ‘There are no weeds, there are no weeds, there are no weeds . . .’  It doesn’t help to pretend they’re not there.  It doesn’t matter how much you focus on the beautiful plants that are growing.  The weeds aren’t going to disappear until you get on your hands and knees and pull them out.  

In your own life, you can’t just ‘focus on the positive, focus on the positive, focus on the positive’, and expect your problems to go away.  If there are some weeds, you have to deal with them.”

– Nick Ortner, Philanthropist and Author of
The Tapping Solution

What weeds do you have that you need to go to work on pulling out? The first step is being aware, and then to share so that other people can help you.  It’s much easier to de-weed a garden with help than do it on your own.  Reach out if you want any support, or even just to share :D.

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