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The path to your fullest potential can be littered with obstacles. And, you should never feel like you’ve got to run this marathon alone. (Let’s face it: You can’t.) The Mental Toughness Team are world-class coaches who provide coaching for world-class and up-and-coming athletes like you.   We will provide you with a positive training environment that supports you to open up about what you’re dealing with. Together, we’ll create a performance game plan, silence your self-sabotaging thoughts, and stare down your fears.


There are so many reasons why you should hire us, but here are a few you need to know:

  • Our Mental Toughness Coaches are experienced, elite, and even world-class athletes and performing artists themselves, so they’ve literally been-there-and-done-that
  • Our coaches are certified with various prestigious coaching, consulting, and psychology distinctions. We are continually engaged in ongoing training and development, both in-company and with outside, cutting-edge organizations.
  • We are über passionate about what we do. We give our all to every athlete and performing we coach, including following up with texts, checking in before competitions, and generally living the experience right alongside our athletes and high performers.

Kara Zakrzewski

kara-monochrome3Coach Kara, Kinesiologist, M.A. Sport and Performance Psychology, and Olympic-class athlete, is the Founder, CEO, and Chief Mental Toughness Coach at Mental Toughness Inc.  With over 17 years of experience in the sport and performance industry, 7 of which was spent competing as a professional athlete, and after working with 1000s of athletes to develop their mental toughness, Kara is recognized as a leader in the field of sport and performance psychology.  Together with her Mental Toughness Team, Kara is committed to sharpening your mental edge so you too can MAX OUT YOUR PERFORMANCE. >> Read More

Heather Cribbin

heather-bwHeather Cribbin, Leading Mental Toughness Coach at Mental Toughness Inc., combines her undergraduate degrees in Physical and Health Education and Social Work with her certification in Co-Active Coaching and Emotional Intelligence Assessment to elevate the peak performance of high performers of all disciplines. She draws on her experience as an elite rower, triathlete, and super sports mom – having raised two elite athletes, one who has captained her varsity volleyball team, and one who is currently training with in the National Row to Podium Program – to give you the tools to become mentally tough and, in turn, to have you generating your best ever results!  >> Read More

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Kara Zakrzewski competing in Seoul

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Heather Cribbin in training

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Our mental toughness test measures your toughnessness and gives you actionable steps to increase focus and reaction time, and give you the best mindset to succeed.

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