Bouchard to Wimbledon Final

Eugenie Bouchard of Canada becomes the first woman to ever make a grand slam tennis final, in only her second full season on the WTA tour, and she did it in style beating 7-6, 6-2 over Simona Halep.  

Just last year the Globe and Mail ran a story on Bouchard in which she described what she did to move into the pros full-time.  Bouchard explained:

“In the past year I improved my mental toughness on the court and my footwork”.   

What I love most about that quote is that Bouchard puts her mental skills on par with her physical skills, like they’re equally as important and she’ll develop them the same way, through repetition in practice.

So often athletes and coaches assume that the Mental Toughness just happens – yet if athletes consciously work on it, take it on as a priority as important as their footwork, look at the results that can ensue!

And it looks like her work has paid off. Congratulations Eugenie – Canada is very proud and the world is inspired.

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