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Breakthrough Live Coaching

Imagine having your very own Mental Toughness Coach at your side to give you that extra vote of confidence when the pressure’s on and you’re losing your cool or struggling to perform at the level you know you’re capable of.  With Breakthrough LIVE Coaching, you can get the feedback you need right after your training, competition, or even in between games or performances.

Breakthrough LIVE Coaching made the difference for MTI athlete Shauna Cyr earning a NCAA Division 1 volleyball scholarship:

Real Results

Shauna Cyr Serve Receive
“Kara flew from Toronto to California to work with me as part of MTI’s ‘Breakthrough Live Coaching’ Program. Kara could see what was stopping me right in the moment, and she gave me instant feedback and tools to bring my game to a whole new level. Thank you Kara.”
–Shauna Cyr, granted scholarship for NCAA Division 1 volleyball

As part of her California visit, Coach Kara led a Mental Toughness Workshop to 70 volleyball players and their parents, which Cyr attended. At the end of the session, all athletes were asked to leave a comment about the workshop. Cyr’s feedback was in the form of a simple question: When can you come back?

Now that Cyr has finished her volleyball career, she continues to work with her Mental Toughness Coach to bring performance to her career aspirations.

As an athlete or performing artist who is currently enrolled in a MTI Mental Toughness Coaching program, you might find yourself wanting to kick your performance up another notch or interested in extra support at a big competition, training camp, or performance. If so, Breakthrough LIVE Coaching is the perfect addition to bring your mental toughness and performance to the next level with great velocity.

By bringing your Mental Toughness Coach on-site – in the trenches of your training and performance – they will have the opportunity to observe in real-time your reactions and responses to the demands of your performance and to provide you with actionable tools that will support you in the moment, instantly raising your performance level.


How does Breakthrough LIVE Coaching work?

Your Mental Toughness Coach will come work 1-on-1 with you for a day, a weekend or even a week, and provide you with in-person coaching at your training or competition facility, workplace, studio, theatre, or on the set. Having instant, real-time access to helpful preparation strategies and debriefing training will ensure you get the most out of every performance.

The Breakthrough LIVE Coaching Process:

  1. You register for private mental toughness coaching.
  2. You submit an official request to take part in our Breakthrough LIVE Coaching program.
  3. Your Mental Toughness Coach reviews your request, and meets with you to determine your exact needs and to price out the cost of such services.
  4. You register for Breakthrough LIVE Coaching according to the specific conditions and cost structure developed for you.
  5. Your Mental Toughness Coach will travel to be right there beside you at your performance site, giving you a “backstage pass” to expanding your mental toughness and reaching your full potential.

How do you know what I need?  

Your Mental Toughness Coach will determine what you need through observation, strategic questioning, and in-depth analysis of:

  • Your performance,
  • Your reactions to your performance, and
  • Your own personal assessment of your performance.

With tens of thousands of hours of experience, your Mental Toughness Coach is expertly trained to look for mental weaknesses in your game and to train you to use the specific tools and strategies you need to fulfill your performance goals.


What exactly will we be working on?

When we work together, we’ll:

  • Analyze all aspects of your performance in the moment – both what’s working and what’s not working – to determine the best plan of action
  • Develop an effective pre-performance routine to ensure you go into each performance with the mindset to ensure most consistent and effective results
  • Debrief each performance to learn from both your failures and your successes, so that you achieve more success the next time
  • Determine the source(s) of any inconsistencies in your performance
  • Give you a new look at your performance, from the perspective of an objective observe

What results should I expect? 

You should expect every result that is expected from Private Mental Toughness Coaching, plus:

  • Breakthrough any mental barriers faster than you thought possible
  • Faster results—live coaching helps you break through the fears that are holding you back in the moment, so you’ll see instant improvements in your game.
  • Pre- and post-performance training—we’ll prepare you right before a big performance so you nail it, and when we debrief you, we’ll give you key areas to work on in your training so you’re always progressing in between events.
  • In-performance analysis—we’ll identify then breakdown the performance-busting attitudes and behaviours that are preventing you from reaching your full potential, so we can nip them in the bud right when they first come up.
  • Same-time fear management—so you can push past them once and for all
  • Extra confidence—knowing that no matter what happens, you’ll be able to work with your Mental Toughness Coach to find a quick solution

Breakthrough LIVE Coaching takes place alongside your regular performance commitments and routine, so the time commitment is limited to debrief and preparation sessions just before and after each performance. Also, as your mental toughness coach is right there beside you, these debrief and preparation sessions often take the place of your regular weekly coaching session for that time period, so the extra time commitment is very limited, especially given the huge payback in elevated performance.

What if it’s too expensive?

Breakthrough LIVE Coaching is obviously more expensive then our other coaching programs since it requires your Mental Toughness Coach to come to you. However, as with all of our coaching programs, we will tailor the program to your specific needs and budget to give you the best value for your money.

What if I’m not the right age?

Just like our private coaching programs, engage in Breakthrough LIVE Coaching with athletes and performing artists of all ages. In fact, all of our athletes benefit greatly from LIVE coaching. Also, due to our application process, we make sure that this coaching model fits will with your specific needs, including your age.

What if you’ve never worked with my sport or discipline before?

As Mental Toughness Coaches, we are not there to critique you on your form or technique – that’s your coach’s or instructor’s job, not ours. So, it really does not matter your sport or discipline, as we’re not critiquing that.

Instead we look for the same thing with all of our clients, regardless of their sport or discipline:

  • Where are you breaking down?
  • How does your body respond?
  • How do you react?
  • What mental toughness tool will support your performance breakdown?

In short, our Mental Toughness coaches are experts in identifying mental performance barriers regardless of your sport or discipline.

 What if it doesn’t work?

Extra private, on-site coaching always works so long as you are willing to take on the coaching that’s given. In fact, we are so confident this Breakthrough LIVE Coaching will work for you that we are willing to back it up with a money back guarantee (minus travel expenses).

But don’t just take our word for it, check out what our clients are saying:


Karyn Costnazo (Anna) Testimonial“Thank you so much for your help and support with Anna. She continues to develop into a mature responsible young woman and athlete. We really appreciate and value your perspective and coaching!”
-– Karyn Costanzo, mom of Anna, Elite Hockey Goalie

“Kara, thanks for all your support with Maddie, she was very focused today, stuck with the plan and had a great result winning silver at the Canada Games. Only the second medal for Nova Scotia at the games, so big news. We appreciate your support, Mads is becoming an amazing young woman, focused and very determined and not afraid of hard work.”
-– Cathy Radvanyi, mom of Maddie, Junior National Snowboarder, 2015 Canada Games Silver Medalist

“Before I started working with Kara, I was in my head a lot.  I couldn’t get past the fact that I didn’t think I was good enough. Working with Kara, I got tools to see when I’m in my head again and now I can see how good I actually am. I can look at the fact that I’m [at] Michigan State and say that I did that!”
-–Allyssah Fitterer, NCAA Division 1 Volleyball Player, Michigan State




What if I’m still not sure this is for me?

If you’re not sure, stick to the private mental toughness coaching for now. Or, have a conversation with your Mental Toughness Coach to address your concerns and desires about Breakthrough LIVE Coaching. It is most important that you’re fully invested and onboard with the Breakthrough LIVE coaching for it to work at full effectiveness (and Breakthrough LIVE Coaching REALLY works!!!).


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