Your mind quits first, but keep going.

It is your mind that determines what’s possible.  You’re so much more powerful, more capable, and more resilient than you think.  Learn to trust your body.  There will always be pain when you’re pushing yourself to the next level.  It’s outside of your comfort zone, you’re entering into unchartered territory, you’re body doesn’t quite know how to get there yet.  Your mind will quit first, I promise you.  You’ll give up on yourself, on your body, and on what’s possible.

In life and in your sport, when you’re pushing your limits, you’ll have to feel the pain and do it anyway.  There’ll be times when it’s easy – like when you’ve made it over an obstacle, before you reach the next one – and times when it takes everything you have to keep going.

And, it’s often in pushing yourself through the pain that you get to know what you’re really made of.  It’s in the down times, in the struggle, in the pain, and in the keeping-on-going that champions are made.

Are you ready to be a champion?

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