You must fail! What?

In baseball, batting over 300 in a season is considered to be a great feat, as only the top batters make it there.  Batting over 400 is seen to be almost impossible.

And, to bat 300, requires 7 failures in 10 tries.  7 failures!!!!  You have to be ok with not getting on base in 7 of 10 at bats.  Talk about failure on the road to success. . . .

So if a 70% failure rate = success, it begs the question, what is failure?

This is defined differently in each sport, and differently still in our own heads!  I know for myself as an athlete, I expected every contact to be a success, and I would get very frustrated and upset with myself. I expected a 100% success rate and left no room for failure.  How about you?

The only thing is that you will fail, it’s inevitable.  In fact it’s required.  In order for you to develop your skill level, you need to fail, otherwise you’re simply not pushing yourself to the edge of your ability, instead you’re staying in your comfort zone.

So it’s time for you to start taking responsibility for your failures.  To start owning them.  To start looking at the stats – what’s expected of you in your sport vs. how are you performing.  

Because it could look like you’re failing as a baseball player if you’re only hitting 3 of 7 attempts at bat, when the reality is you’d be among the cream of the crop.  

It’s time for you to give yourself the room to fail so that you can succeed at a level you never thought possible.

Failure is necessary.  Go push out side of your comfort zone today.

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