Why resolutions don’t work . . .

What are your goals this year?  So often people focus on ‘resolutions’ and often fall short for another year in a row because these resolutions are based on what they don’t want anymore versus what they actually want to achieve.

When you focus on what you don’t want, your brain gets confused as it tends to omit the not or no that you’re focusing on.  So what you get is more of that thing you don’t want.

I’ll give you an example: Don’t think of a purple elephant . .come on now, don’t think of it, whatever you do!

What’s the first thing that comes to mind?  A purple elephant of course.

In contrast, a goal is the winning point, what you’re aiming for.  It is what you do want  versus what you don’t want to keep happening.  It is meant to direct your actions towards a common point so that you achieve what it is that you actually want.

So this second week of January – after the festivities have died down and you have gotten back into your regular life – it’s the perfect time to look forward to what you want to create for 2015, both in your sport and in your life.

Here’s what there is to do: Put 20 minutes aside and purposefully plan what you want 2015 to look like – have fun with this.  What do you want to achieve by the end of the year?  Start there then work backwards, creating a milestone each month both for your sport and for each area of life that is important to you.  Push yourself with your goals.

Then all there is to do is take actions that are aligned with your goals, such that your goals are charting the course of your life, and, in the words of Venus Williams, “ignore the rest”.

For example, my Ultimate Goals for 2015 are:

  • To grow my business by 25%,
  • To service another 10,000+ athletes, including with an awesome service (it’s still a secret) we will be offering by the end of the year
  • To get pregnant

To support you (as well as my goals above), I have a little contest for you!  I only do this about 2 times per year so you’ll have to act fast (as it filled up last year).

Here’s the contest: I am offering a Free Goal Setting Consultation to the first 3 people who email us your Ultimate Goal for 2015.  It’s that simple.  Only the first 3 people win, so email quickly to get your goals into gear.

Looking forward to hearing from you and to bringing your performance to the next level this year!

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