How to Up Your Performance this Spring

As the snow is melting for those of us in Northern climates and as the days are growing longer, it’s time to come out of hibernation mode and kick it to the next gear of training (like the bear in this photo, lol!).  Even the most serious athletes can find it more challenging to get to the gym and give their full effort in the winter (yes, even those athletes I work with who are winter sport athletes have this same challenge too!).

So, this week’s Mental Toughness Tip is all about how you can use mental toughness training principles to motivate you to either increase the intensity of your training now that the weather is cooperating or how to get yourself back into training again.

I was interviewed for an article entitled “Mind Over Matter: Get Your Head In The MTB Game” by’s resident Mountain Biking Expert Beth Puliti’on what it takes to get yourself back to full training after the winter.  Whether you’re a mountain biker or not, these mental toughness principles are universal and can be applied to various areas of your game.  

In this article I unveiled my top 5 strategies to bring your performance to the next level after the winter.  So click on the link to discover how you too can use the power of your mind to up your performance this spring.

To read the article and bring your performance to the next level, click here.

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