With Greater Discipline Comes Greater Success

By Kara Zakrzewski, Chief Mental Toughness Coach

It’s easy to get side-tracked by whatever comes across your path – There are many bright lights, and fun ideas, and opportunities in every given moment.  You can live life like a feather in the wind – just blowing where the wind takes you – or you can intentionally create your life. I choose the latter.

Achieving your goals requires discipline, not only on the field, court, stage, etc. but in every area of your life.  How you do one thing is how you do everything, and that habit will trickle into your performance where it matters most.  Do you keep your room keep? Are you on top of your bills and assignments? Are you managing your nutrition?

Yes, discipline is required everywhere to be your best athlete or performer.

Now here’s the interesting thing about discipline: It’s not about doing what you want in the moment necessarily, but rather it’s about taking the action that’ll best set you up to achieve your goal.

Let me show you what I mean then I’ll give you some Toughness Training so you can train the habit of discipline this week . . .

I just got back from a 2 week trip to California where I delivered Mental Toughness Workshops to over 200 athletes and parents.

And let me tell you, the beach was calling the whole time I was there. It was saying: ‘Just cancel the workshop, and come bathe in the sun’.

There was one workshop in particular where I wanted to just stay at the beach (I had taken my office to the beach that afternoon).  Instead I chose to be disciplined and drive myself over to Culver City to do what I REALLY wanted to do (not just to follow my urge in the moment which was not in line with my true goal).  You see, I’m really committed to exposing every athlete in the world to Mental Toughness Training, both to elevate their performance and also to give them great joy and peace of mind in their pursuit.  When I got connected to my true commitment, my true goal, it was easy for me to leave the beach (although the beach was what I wanted at that very moment).

So, like it is said the quote above: Discipline is literally choosing between what you want now and what you most most (your goal).

Your Toughness Training for this week:

I’m going to give you 3 steps to follow this week to train the habit of discipline.  They might seem easy, but the third one especially is not. Let’s see how you do with this :D.

  1. Get Connected to your Ultimate Goal 

What do you want and why do you want that?


  1. Observe your Discipline

When do you sell out on your Ultimate Goal to do whatever tickles your fancy in the moment?


  1. Choose Discipline

When you notice you’re not being disciplined, choose discipline instead.  For example, when you leave your room without making your bed, stop and make your bed.  It sounds like a small thing, but the more you train discipline in EVERY area of your life, the more you’ll groove this habit in your brain.  And with greater discipline comes greater success.

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