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VIDEO: Accepting failure is one of the best success strategies

Work with your feelings not against them, says mental toughness expert and sports psychology consultant Dr Sean Richardson (at 4:50 in this  TEDx video). Accepting failure is one of the best success strategies. But that is tough to do. It’s tough in athletics and business. You make decisions that keep you small and safe.

There are lots of awesome takeaways in this video, so watch it all the way through (it runs about 15 minutes), including these:

  • The capacity to delay gratification is the best predictor of success.
  • Keep your eye on the big picture and the big win and not the small wins along the way
  • Be results driven but action focused.
  • Growth mindset is the belief that effort cis what creates success…results is a measure of compensatecy and failure is an opportunity to grow.