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Athletes with ADHD

Olympic champ Carl Lewis has ADHD

A surprising number of professional athletes have attention deficit disorder (ADHD). Data shows eight to 10 percent of all pro athletes have ADHD. This compares to four to five percent of the general population of adults.

To learn more about the condition or to take an ADHD test, click here.

Here are some of the world class athletes that have been diagnosed with ADHD.

Justin Gatlin: Co-holder of the world’s record in the 100-meter sprint. 5 time Olympic medallist. Info

Cammi Granato: Olympic gold and silver medalist, women’s hockey. Info

Chris Kaman: Retired. Formerly with Portland TrailBlazers. Info

Michael Phelps, Olympic Swimmer. Most successful and most decorated Olympian of all time, with a total of 28 medals. Info

Simone Biles, Gymnast and gold-medallist Olympian, 30 championship and Olympic medals. Info

Pete Rose – Retired baseball great

Jason Kidd – NBA basketball star Info

Carl Lewis – Olympic sprinter. Hold 9 Olympic medals. Info

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An inspiring video . . a must watch

Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration . . . especially after a poor performance, a disappointing loss, or on those days when things just don’t seem to be coming together.

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In it an inspiring man takes on whatever life has thrown at him with such courage and wisdom – this is mental toughness at it’s finest.

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