Be Your Own Inspiration

Inspiration can come in many forms . . . and you never know when it’s going to hit you, but when it does, it’s a force to be reckoned with and you want to harness it with as much intensity as possible.

As an athlete or high performer, you can get really bogged down in the details, the everyday training, the repetition, the failure.  You can start to go through the motions versus taking inspired action, and the results are often less than spectacular.

So how do you keep inspiration present despite the repetition, failures, and details?  On Purpose.  You keep inspiration present on purpose and in action.  You see, inspiration isn’t a fluke.  It doesn’t just happen when all the stars are aligned and everything magically falls into place.  No.  Inspiration is a choice.

At any given moment you can choose to be inspired.  You can create your inspiration actively.  In sport psychology, we often use ‘Past Positive Experiences’ or ‘Vicarious Experiences’ to fuel everyday inspiration.

Mental Toughness Tips

1. Rely on your Past Positive Experiences

Take a moment to write out your Top 10 past positive experiences – did you win the championship, or have your best game, or even break a record.  Use all 5 senses: How did it feel, taste, look, smell, sound?  Write down your past positive experience in detail so that when you read it in the future you’re automatically transported back to and inspired by that moment.  Keep that list somewhere close to you at all times, like in your phone or gym bag, so you can refer to it for information whenever needed.

2. Collect Vicarious Experiences from others

Ever notice how other people’s experiences inspire you?  With Vicarious experiences, you literally live vicariously through other’s experiences and successes, using these victories to inspire you.  For example, another athlete might set a new record or do something you know how to do.  Then you might say: If s/he can do that, so can I!!!  Again write out a list of other’s experiences that inspire you (photos and videos work great to) and refer to them whenever you need a kick.

The point is, however you do it, it’s imperative that you actively remind yourself to be inspired.  And here are 2 new ways for you to take on your inspiration today.


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