Acceptance Matters

I’m really starting to understand the power of acceptance, like the acceptance of whatever happens – that’s not saying that I don’t ever want it to be a different way, or that I won’t train myself to do something different the next time if things don’t work, but rather accepting whatever happened because it already happened.  No use dwelling on it, since it’s now in the past and there’s nothing I can do about it anyway.  As I say to my athletes, performance only happens in the present.  So any thoughts of the past only distract me from my performance right now.

I’m also beginning to grasp the true power of self-acceptance, accepting every bit of me (even those things I wish were different, like my tendency to cry when I’m really frustrated.  It’s just what I do, why resist it.  There’s so much comfort and power in accepting it).  I’m so hard on myself, I can be my own worst critic.  I can get so frustrated with myself.  And, what I’ve noticed is that doesn’t really help me!  So I’m choosing today to accept myself and my actions, all of me!

Here’s a practice I’m taking on this next week (with the full intention of continuing this practice indefinitely): I’m going to accept everything I do, whatever I say, and however I react.  I’m not going to judge it, or wish it was different, or put myself down.  Instead, I’m going accept whatever is, learn from it, assess, maybe even laugh and move on.

Will you try this with me?  Please send me an email next week telling me how it went!

Instantly, when I think about this practice, I take a deep breath and sigh, like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  I’m the only me I’ve got, might as well love every inch!

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