How Mentally Tough is Your Gymnast? Find out in our test. | Mental Toughness Inc.

How Mentally Tough is Your Gymnast? Find out in our test.

mental toughness in gymnastics

Parents of gymnasts:

Can your athlete cope with pressure?
Do they have the ability to hyperfocus?
Do they have confidence?
Does fear and anxiety stop them?
Do they fear injury?
Are they in a performance slump?
Do negative emotions get in their way?

Sit with them and take our free mental toughness test for gymnasts or any performance minded person and see how they score. We will send you and (optionally) them their results.


…or read on before you have them begin…

Are you or your gymnast learning about mental toughness for the first time? Or 

This short test will show you how mentally tough you are now and what gaps there are where you could improve your mental toughness training so that you can max out your performance.

At the end it will give you a score and it will let you know what actions you need to take next to increase your score by improving your mental toughness.

This test is a self assessment and it doesn’t take long to do – perhaps 2 minutes. Using multiple choice answers, it gives you an analysis of your results immediately as you complete the process.

There are no wrong answers, just an opportunity to understand where your athlete is at in their mental toughness development.

Click the link below to start the test. There is a brief registration process and then the test starts. It takes a few



There are four pillars of mental toughness: motivation, coping with pressure, concentration and confidence.

Four Pillars of Mental Toughness


  1. Pushing beyond your perceived abilities
  2. Bouncing back from failure
  3. Working hard – and harder than others
  4. Persistence: Refusing to give up
  5. Setting difficult and attainable goals
  6. Internal drive to succeed

Coping With Pressure

  1. Dealing effectively with challenges and adversity
  2. Remaining calm when under pressure
  3. Allowing that anxiety is natural  and inevitable, and enjoy the drive it brings
  4. Make fast decisions when under pressure
  5. Use pressure to your advantage
  6. Maintain effort and stay focused when under pressure


  1. Staying fully focused and on task
  2. Being unphased by distractions during  your performance
  3. Elimination of the distraction of personal upsets or interruptions
  4. Be in control despite regardless of unexpected, uncontrollable situations


  1. Being unstoppable in your ability to achieve goals
  2. Believe you have special qualities that will let you succeed
  3. Knowing that you can overcome obstacles that occur along the  your way

Ready to take the Mental Toughness Test

Ready? Then start the test – it just takes a few minutes…test your athlete’s mental toughness now


How Mentally Tough Are You?

Our mental toughness test measures your toughnessness and gives you actionable steps to increase focus and reaction time, and give you the best mindset to succeed.

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