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Mental toughness for equestrians

mental toughness for equestrians


Are you maxing out your performance in the saddle?

Are you distraction free when in the saddle and do you ride with your focus in the moment?

Many equestrian competitors deal with performance hindering fear and anxiety. These negative emotions can stop competitive riders  from competing on a particular horse,  performing at their highest potential and even jumping at a certain height.

Danger can be fearsome, but reactions are automatic

Nerves and anxiety in equestrian sports are quite normal. Fear is an emotion a lot of athletes have to contend with and it is not uncommon among riders. Horse can be skittish and sometimes are unpredictable in how they respond.

Equestrian rider falls off their horse
Reality of the sport: An equestrian rider falls off their horse

As new riders and aspiring competitors learn equestrian skills, they face daunting and sometimes painful falls, risky situations and sometimes fall victim to scrapes, bruises, sprains, and even more severe injuries.

Unlike non-equestrian sports, your occasionally temperamental equine teammate can become uncooperative and impair a performance.

Without coaching, your past can hold you back

Every accomplished rider has a history of falls, close calls and frightening experiences. And this experience can build up over time to make you nervous or at least unsettled and unfocused when you encounter similar situations to a bad experience from the past.

If you don’t manage fear with mental toughness skills, it impair your performance as a rider and as a competitor on the regional circuits.

Long after a bad experience, it can still trigger fear, anxiety, or a defensive response in competition. You brain, which is your great protector, will spontaneously ratchet back your performance to protect you, even though the threat is simply a past-based memory.

When a rider is under pressure  these memories can become activated, triggering a negative emotion, and can get in the way of your current performance.

You will feel unnerved, uncertain, or nervous and this trepidation will take you out of the zone and have you performance at non-optimal levels.

This is natural. Your brain – actually your ancient lizard brain inherited from  your ancestors – will trigger a protection mechanism that will have an athlete take measures to avoid the perceived threat, even though it is not real.

Performance diminishes as this self-protection mechanism takes over.  However you can be trained to overcome this knee jerk safety reaction and perform in spite of the automatic response.

Mental toughness for equestrians

You can also train yourself to:

  • Stay laser-focused on the task at hand.
  • Eliminate all distractions.
  • Deal with anxiety in the moment
  • Separate fear response separately from your performance response.
  • Create the outcome you desire.
  • Manage, process and neutralize upsetting past events.

This is all based on research that comes from sport psychology – which has only really been around since the mid 1980s – and techniques that have been developed with elite athletes since to provide them with the ease to perform at, and beyond, their maximum potential.

Overcome fear, anxiety and lack of focus

With a little work, mental toughness skills can be trained into any equestrian competitor to give them an amazing ability to overcome fear, anxiety and lack of focus so they can start to perform to their potential again.

Mental toughness training
Mental toughness training

Our three level  Mental Toughness Training Program for Champion Athletes can give you the skills you need to dominate your sports and unleash your competitive performance.

If you are dealing with performance issues or you’ve plateaued in your results or have had a bad season that has been difficult to recover from then you will need to retrain your brain using mental toughness techniques to get clear or the past and to refocus so you can max out your future performances. 

Mental Toughness Training Program for Champion Athletes

The Mental Toughness Training Program for Champion Athletes was developed by our Olympic level mental toughness coaches to given them an affordable structured self-study training training program delivered by audio, video and PDF documents.

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