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Mental Toughness Books

Top 10 Mental Toughness Books

These ebooks are written by our high-performance mental toughness coaches. They are designed to take your game to the next level. They give you the tools to overcome your mental barriers so you can perform at your highest level and achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Ebook: 47 Performance Hacks For Your Success

eBook: 47 Performance Hacks for Your Success
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To training your mindset to achieve peak performance, we thought what better way to develop a champion mindset than to learn from all the successful, trend-bending, paradigm-shifting human beings who came before us. This e-book brings together the perspectives of some of the most successful human beings who ever walked the planet and achieve similar success in our own pursuits. If nothing else, this collection of quotes and perspectives
will inspire you. They might even guide you towards the achievement of your own dreams.
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Ebook:10 Massive Mistakes Elite Athletes Make that Keeps Them from Their Dreams

ebook: 10 Massive Mistakes Elite Athletes Make that Keeps Them from Their Dreams

This ebook will show you how to overcome and correct the most common mistakes made by elite athletes that stop them from performing at their best.

Once you start using the right techniques from our Olympic-level, top mental toughness experts, you’ll be able to supercharge your performance no matter which sport you specialize in. It works for elite athletes as well as amateur competitors, high school and college athletes, professional athletes and athletes vying for medals in high-profile international competitions:

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Mental Toughness Books – 10 amazing books we recommend

We are often asked to recommend mental toughness books to athletes who are looking to study mental toughness and really master the tactics.  Below are our top titles.  While these are in no particular order, the first one is definitely one of our founder Kara’s favorite mental toughness books and she HIGHLY recommends it.

1) The Inner Game of Tennis

W. Timothy Gallwey
The book The Inner Game of Tennis is a revolutionary program for overcoming the self-doubt, nervousness, and lapses of concentration that can keep a player from winning. This classic bestseller can change the way the game of tennis is played. And really the concepts can be applied to any sport or pursuit (including business and theater). 

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 2) In Pursuit of Excellence

Terry Orlick
Whether you’re an athlete, aspiring coach, or business professional, this book helps you reach your potential. Author Terry Orlick, an internationally acclaimed sports psychologist, has helped 100s of Olympic and professional athletes maximize their performances and achieve their goals. He trains you on effective strategies and step-by-step plans for you to develop your personal path to excellence. Buy on Amazon

3) The Way of the Champion

Jerry Lynch and Chungliang Al Huang
The authors of this amazing book have taken lessons from the The Art of War — and other ancient Taoist books — to train the reader to develop the capacities and qualities that make a champion. That includes: high self-esteem, courage, fortitude, determination, perseverance, tenacity, self-awareness, integrity, the ability to take risks, and, of course,  the ability to learn from failures.
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4) Embracing Your Potential

Embracing your potential | mental toughness book
Terry Orlick
The drive to be No.1 in a professional field or on a sports playing field is a powerful place to generate motivation for performers. Some put a higher priority on being a better human. This book – by famed mental toughness guru Terry Orlick – explains how to achieve excellence and also achieve balance and get them in both performance and personal domains of your life. 
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5) Golf is Not a Game of Perfect

Golf is not a Game of Perfect | Mental toughness book

Dr. Bob Rotella
The author of this book  goes beyond the mental aspects of the game of golf and the reliance on specific techniques. Instead, he creates an attitude and a mindset about all aspects of a golfer’s game. That includes both mental preparation and actual on the course competition. The book is written in  a conversational fashion and in a easy to read dynamic blend of anecdotes and lessons. A must read for any athlete in any sport. Buy on Amazon

5 More Recommended Mental Toughness Books

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