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Affiliate program for coaches – Sell mental toughness tools

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Looking for a way to get your athletes to become more competitive, more resilient, mentally tougher and stronger, plus courageous, in action and in a winning mindset?

PLUS…earn a side income, or choose to raise funds your school, team or community sports club?

At Mental Toughness Inc., we have  an audio training  program for athletes of any age to train them in mental toughness skills.

The program is self study and can be done on a mobile device, tablet or computer.

We have a COACHES AFFILIATE program that provides coaches with the ability to sell our course to their athletes and give the coach (or their school or organization) a commission back for the referral.



The commission starts at 15% until your first sale. And then is upgraded to 20%.

When you sell 10 programs or $3970 of gross sales, we upgrade you to 25% commission for all future sales.

Some of our high-performing affiliates receive even higher commissions and bonuses.

We have free exercises for each level you can use to give away for free to your athletes.

You can also set the price of the program for your athletes from one of three tiers.

The top tier is $397 for the full training program.

You commission per program sold on this tier would be:

Full program price: $397
15% commission =  $59.55
20% commission =$79.40
25% commission =$99.25

Kickstarter Level 1 price:  $149
15% commission =  $32.77
20% commission =$29.80
25% commission =$37.25

Becoming a coach affiliate is free. All you need to do is signup and you can start promoting immediately.



Coaches Affiliate Program Q&A

How do you track sales?

We give you unique links and you get your athletes to click on them before they buy. If they buy a commissionable product within 60 days you get the commission, unless they click another affiliate’s link after yours.

Can I get them eligible under my commission program by sending them a link to a free tool on Mental Toughness Inc?

Yes. You can use any link in we provide to “capture” them.

How often do you pay commissions?

We pay every month for the commission earned in the previous full months prior. So if you earn in January you get paid for those sales by the end of February.

Can I have a free copy of the training program?

After your first sale, you get upgraded to 20% commission and we will also send you access to your own copy of the Mental Toughness Training Program for Champion Athletes.

I have more questions…who do I speak to?
Email Andy Walker at [email protected].



How Mentally Tough Are You?

Our mental toughness test measures your toughnessness and gives you actionable steps to increase focus and reaction time, and give you the best mindset to succeed.

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